Backup power sources

One of "NG-Energo" tasks is providing with reliable power supply the enterprises in various industries.

General requirements to an electric network of any facility and in particular the necessity of a backup power supply are determined in chapter 1.2 paragraphs 1.2.11-1.2.13, 1.2.16 and 1.2.17-1.2.24 of Electrical Installation Regulations.

The situation with power supply is usually solved by arranging a reserve lead-in from a power supplying organization manually or automatically.  The experience of large cities disconnects, e.g. Moscow and whole regions, shows that in a current situation such a solution is not reliable enough. 

Of course, power supply reliability is determined by the project agreed upon in federal and territorial supervising bodies, local administrative authorities and with a local power supplying organization. 

According to the first, and in many cases - the second, reliability categories, it is enough to arrange to lead-ins, whereby one is the main and the other is the reserve lead-in, from the local power-supplying organization via the device of automatic standby activation of the Customer's switchgear.  However, if you have a 6 kW lead-in from two different sections of 35/6 kW substations, then it is very often that the failure of 35 kW line causes the simultaneous disconnection of 6 kW lines.  Then the installation of another independent power supply is required.  Such a supply is usually a diesel generator set.

Diesel power plants 

Modern diesel generator sets, like Cummins diesel generator sets, intended for the backup power supply have built-in functions of the power transfer relay of the diesel generator set control panel and do not require any additional expenses for separate power transfer relay cabinets.  For the consecutive actuation of the equipment between the Customer's switchgear and diesel generator set power transfer relay, a special connection is introduced ensuring the operational logic of the whole power supply system.

If a Customer has special consumers, for example an artificial kidney apparatus in a hospital, where the shortest failure of the power supply will cause the apparatus shutdown, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is installed, in which the electric power reserve during failures is ensured by batteries.  Modern UPSs with double energy transformation on transistor technology IGBT not only provide electric power, but also have an electronic "brain", monitoring the power supply quality in accordance with GOST 13109 and battery condition.  However, the battery capacity is limited, and with repeated power transfers from UPS, which happens rather often with today's quality of electric power of JSC "Energo", batteries  quickly exhaust their resource of charge-discharge cycles and fail.  That is why modern UPSs have the function of a  diesel generator set startup control, i.e. a diesel generator set is again our main guarantee of your power security and independency, and the choice of a specific model and configuration is made by our experts based on total tasks.

"NG-Energo" company provides the whole range of engineering services including preliminary assessment, feasibility report preparation, design, obtaining all permissions, equipment supply, construction, mounting, commissioning and putting into operation.  Service subdivisions will ensure the training of the operating personnel, engineering maintenance support, warranty and out-of-warranty liabilities, timely operating procedures and technical maintenance, repair and upgrading in accordance with the current conditions.